Session chairs

Would you like to be a session chair at FPGA-forum?

This is a great opportunity to show your self or your company to the participants at FPGA-forum, but most of all it would be a great contribution to a better FPGA-forum.

Check out the programme and send your session preferences to
Please send a prioritised list to a allow more flexibility for the coordination. Refer to tracks and sessions – e.g. 3b, 2a, 6a.
Let us know if you would like to chair two sessions (if available)
Session chairs are included in the programme.

The session chair has the following role:

  1. Check that all presenters for your session are ready.
    It would be good, but not required, to have the presentation already loaded into the track PC
    (Feel free to ask anyone in the committee to help finding the presenters)
  2. Assure that presentation start at the right time
  3. Introduce the presenter – at least with name, company and title of presentation
  4. Make sure that the next presenter can start at the scheduled time. I.e. assure the current presenter stops in time.
    This is important to allow participants to move from one track to the other.
    It might be a good idea to rise when 3-5 minutes left, and to indicate 10 and 5 minutes left using a piece of paper or your hands. (Inform the presenter)
  5. If time allows – encourage questions from the audience – and control this, unless the presenter takes control
  6. Say thank you to the presenter, hand over the presenter gift – and start the applauseĀ  – if needed šŸ˜‰

Questions are normally allowed during the presentation. It is up to the presenter to control this and potentially stop a single question-sequence or potentially say that there is no more time for questions until the presentations is finished. Ā (Session chair should normally only interfere if the presenter seems to need help).

The presenters have been encouraged to stop in time to allow a couple of questions at the end, but this they decide themselves. The end time is however a hard limit due to the parallel tracks, and the session chair has to assure that a presentation is finished at least 1-2 minutes before the next is scheduled to start. If a presentation is finished that late – there will be no time for questions. For the last presentation in a session – before a break, the session chair may allow some more flexibility.

If there is not sufficient time for all questions, please advice the audience to ask questions after the session is completed.