Registration fees are as follows:

  • Default unless covered by any other category below: NOK 6.800 +VAT
  • Presenters (Excl. exhibitors, see below): NOK 5.100 +VAT
  • Academia: NOK 5.100 +VAT
  • Research Fellow (‘stipendiat’): NOK 2.600 +VAT
  • Students: Free admission, but no lunch or dinner party included.
    (Applies to full time students only. Place of study must be given.)
  • Exhibiton fee – 1 person  : NOK 9.200 +VAT
  • Exhibiton fee – 2 persons: NOK 13.600 +VAT  (May also use for comb. 1 exhibitor + 1 normal attendance)
  • Exhibiton fee – 3 persons: NOK 16.900 +VAT  (For 3 pure exhibitors only. I.e. not for normal attendance)
  • Workshops – separate workshop holder dependant pricing

Deadline for registration is January 27. After this date we can no longer guarantee hotel room availability.

Registration for all participants excl. exhibitors: ***Here***

Registration for exhibitors: ***Here***     Note: See instructions below on how to register

  • Due to template limitations at our registration service provider, please note the following before registering:
    • For immediate registration of two (or more) persons for a single booth, do the following
      1. Tick ‘ ‘ and fill in below
      2. Tick ‘Exhibition fee – 1 person: NOK 9.200 + VAT’ and fill in below
      3. Click ‘ADD ATTENDEE’ and fill in below
      4. Tick ‘Exhibition fee – 2nd person: NOK 4.400 + VAT (only together …..) ‘ and fill in below
      5. Tick ‘I consent …’ and then click ‘REGISTER’      (Repeat 3 and 4 if you are 3 persons at the booth)
    • For registration of one person at a time, just tick the right ‘Exhibition Category’
  • Please note that you should also notify the committe (contact@fpga-forum)  that you would like to participate in the exhibition.

Workshop holders please contact the committe  (contact@fpga-forum)