Exhibitors @ FPGA-forum 2024:


Exhibition floor plan for 2024 – HERE


Becoming an exhibitor

If you would like to become an exhibitor at FPGA-forum 2024, please see here (for registration info) and CFP_en_presentations., and note that you need to do the following:

  1. Notify the committe (contact@fpga-forum)  that you would like to participate in the exhibition
  2. Register your exhibition personnel 

Please note that all exhibitors will be given 3 minutes during the Vendor session after the opening keynote to present yourself.
It is up to you how you spend this time, just note that the 3 minutes is Vendors back to back – i.e. including switch and any potential PC / Powerpoint setup. If you have a Powerpoint presentation we recommend that you send it to contact@fpga-forum.no at the latest the Monday two days before the event. The order of the vendor presentations will be that of the exhibitors in the programme.

Please note that only one invoice registration per exhibitor is possible with the current system.
If you want a split invoice, then please email contact@fpga-forum.no

Exhibition fees:

  • 1st person: NOK 10.500 + VAT
  • 2nd person: NOK 5.100 + VAT
  • 3rd person: NOK 3.900 + VAT

Note that the ‘3rd person’ fee is only applicable to exhibitors and not to normal attendees.

Exhibitors from abroad please note: 
The conference is in Norway and is unfortunately not exempt from VAT. You must first pay the invoice with VAT and then apply for reimbursement from your authorities in your own country.

Note: Payment is only possible via email-invoice (with direct payment to the given FPGA-forum account) or EHF. (Payment is not possible via credit/debit cards, Vipps or similar)

Exhibition practicalities:

Each exhibitor is given a space of 2.0m * 1.5m
The following is provided:
– A table (152 cm * 46 cm. H 74 cm) with a tablecloth
– 2 chairs
– A power outlet (220V)

Exhibit hours: Both days from start (first break) to end (last break) of conference program.

You may set up our booth on Tuesday evening if you like. The hotel reception will be given the exhibition floor plan and will help you find your location.

Please note that the exhibition area will not be locked, and exhibitors are responsible for their own equipment.


To send material to the hotel prior to the exhibition:

Mark all material ‘FPGA-forum 2024, February 14’.

Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel
Kjøpmannsgata 73
7010 Trondheim