We have almost since the start of FPGA-forum been pleased to organize an annual award of NOK 10, 000 for the best Master thesis in Norway during the last year.

The deadline for nomination is by the end of October for the coming FPGA-forum.

Earlier year´s winners (since 2014) are the following:

2018 – Ola Slettevoll Grøttvik, Institutt for Fysikk og Teknologi, Universitetet i Bergen
Title: Design of High-Speed Digital Readout System for Use in Proton Computed Tomography
Supervisor: Kjetil Ulaland and Johan Alme

2016 – Benjamin Bjørnseth, Department of Computer and Information Science, IDI, NTNU
Title: Enabling Research on Energy-Efficient System Software Using the SHMAC Infrastructure
Supervisor: Lasse Natvig

2014 – Andre Firing, IET, NTNU
Title: FPGA Filter Design and Measurements with Emphasis on a Filter with Steep Transition Bands”
Supervisor: Bjørn B. Larsen, IET, Co-supervisor: Stig Rooth, Kongsberg Norspace AS and Tor Audun Ramstad, IET