Meget inspirerende Closing Keynotes

Som vanlig satser vi på meget inspirerende Closing Keynotes for både FPGA-miljøet og hele elektronikkindustrien i Norge:

GRIFF Aviation v/ Svein Even Blakstad

GRIFF, reisen fra en liten vestlandsfjord – ut i den store verden

GRIFF Aviation er en norsk droneutviklingsbedrift lokalisert i Sykkylven i Møre og Romsdal. De utvikler droner med løftekapasitet på 100 kg+. I dette foredraget tar utviklingssjef Svein Even Blakstad oss med på reisen som selskapet har vært gjennom og veien videre inn i fremtiden. Det blir fokus på milepæler oppnådd, utfordringer underveis og hvordan de har blitt løst.

Norbit v/ Arild Søraunet

Er «Made in Norway» moderne igjen?

NORBIT har gått motstrøms og satset på både utvikling og produksjon i Norge. Adm.dir i NORBIT Per Jørgen Weisethaunet vil fortelle om NORBIT sin strategiske satsning og hvorfor de mener dette er en satsing for fremtida, krydret med eksempler på spennende prosjekter for norske selskap.

Hotel booking deadline 15. August

We have managed to extend the hotel booking deadline to 15. August 🙂

Please note: Prices and availability of rooms are only guaranteed until 15 August 2022, so please make sure you book no later than that.

Please register and book hotel before the vacation

FPGA-forum is 7-8 September this year. This means it is very soon after the summer vacation. Thus, with booking deadlines one month prior to the event it is very important that you don’t wait with your registration for the event AND hotel booking – until it is too late.

We have reserved lots of rooms at a good price, but only until 5 August, and judging from hotel prices these days it will be rather expensive to book after our reservation – if anything is available at all…

FPGA-forum is also dependent on hotel deadlines, including the fact that it is easier to get good deals and exceptions with a good number of registrations, so please register as soon as possible – and preferably before the summer vacation.

Full program available

The programme is now available.

The interest for this year’s FPGA forum has been overwhelming. We even had to continue a bit longer in the afternoon the first day to include all the interesting presentations.

We are also very pleased to have Clive “Max” Maxfiueld back as an opening keynote.

Registration is open, so please register as soon as possible.

Awesome++ Opening Keynote by Clive “Max” Maxfield

Max will be presenting a very interesting opening keynote at this year’s FPGA-forum in September:

FPGAs and Other Awesome Technologies for the 21st Century

One of the great things about being Max is that — since he writes about high-tech topics for various online publications, coupled with his providing technical writing and consulting services to a cornucopia of high-tech companies — he gets to hear about many of the latest and greatest technologies before they appear on the market.

Even better, Max is not tied to any subject sector or technological territory; instead, he’s free to meander around gathering noteworthy nuggets of knowledge and tasty tidbits of trivia. He may start the day learning about a new artificial intelligence neural network processor, after which he might find himself up to his armpits in virtual reality, and just a little later he could be feasting his eyes on next-generation camera-sensor combos that are only 1 mm thick for use in state-of-the-art machine vision systems — and all of this before he’s had his breakfast.

In this keynote presentation, in addition to the latest and greatest in FPGA space, Max says we will take a tour around a curated selection of the weird and wonderful things he’s been exposed to recently, focusing on anything that has made him exclaim, “Ooh, Shiny!” Max also notes that, as is usually the case in his presentations, we will be leaping from topic to topic with the agility of young mountain goats, so he urges attendees to dress appropriately and responsibly.

Also check out:

Clive Maxfield is back at FPGA-forum 2022 – FPGA-forum

FPGA-forum 2022 is postponed until 7-8 September

FPGA-forum 2022 is postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic

The FPGA-forum committee has decided that FPGA-forum 2022 unfortunately will be postponed until Wednesday 7th to Thursday 8th September 2022.

We have had good flexibility from the Hotel and could have had a free cancellation as late as early January, and thus we were evaluating whether to wait until January with a final decision. Now, with the minimum 4 weeks of new and strong restrictions in Norway, we could no longer wait with the decision to postpone FPGA-forum 2022.

We consider the probability very low that the pandemic is

a) significantly reduced early in January, and

b) not going to increase to an unacceptable level again after the 4 weeks strong restriction period

We also consider the probability high that even if the pandemic was reduced significantly early in January, lots of potential participants would be very hesitant to register for the event and take part in it.

The speakers are the most important contributors to FPGA forum, and they invest a lot of time in making good presentations. Some of these would typically start preparing their presentations these days, and that is an important reason for making the final decision now.

We really hope the pandemic will become weaker soon, but as a minimum we assume that seasonal trends from 2020 and 2021 will continue in 2022. For that reason – and to keep well away from the summer vacations, we have found early September to be a good time to arrange FPGA-forum this year. That should hopefully allow the FPGA-community to safely meet physically again – without the risk of cancellation.

We have already got confirmation from our opening keynote Clive “Max” Maxfield that he will be here in September 😊.

We will now get in touch with the other presenters, including our two closing keynotes. Hopefully, they will all be able to hold their presentation in September. That would really be great, as the current list of presentations is both varied and very interesting.

We *very much* look forward to meeting the Norwegian FPGA-community in September.

Clive Maxfield is back at FPGA-forum 2022

Clive Maxfield was presenting the Opening keynote at FPGA-forum 2012 – with some of the best feedback ever throughout the history of FPGA-forum.

The FPGA-forum committee was looking for something special to mark that we are back – after the cancellation last year due to Covid-19. The choice was really simple. Clive is a great combination of an international FPGA guru, a visionary and an entertainer. The perfect Opening Keynote for one of the first FPGA conferences to be back after the pandemic.

We really look forward to meeting and listening to him again 🙂

Check out his post on coming back to FPGA-forum

FPGA-forum 2022 – Live in Trondheim

FPGA-forum 2022 will be arranged in Trondheim Wednesday and Thursday 9-10 February 2022, with workshops Tuesday 8. February.

We look foward to meeting you all again – as before – for a real live event in Trondheim. We expect and hope that Covid-19 will be mainly over by then and that we can meet physically. We will of course adapt to any potential regulations and recommendations from the authorities.

The committe has started looking for Opening and Closing Keynotes, so feel free to come up with suggestions.

Please note that FPGA-forum will not be streamed or recorded. This is because networking and meeting each other physically is a very importantg aspect of FPGA-forum.

FPGA-forum . Where the FPGA community meets 🙂