FPGA-forum is a yearly event for the Norwegian FPGA community.
It is organized by the following committee:

  • Arild Kjerstad, Kongsberg
  • Espen Tallaksen, Bitvis
  • Hans Jørgen Fosse, Inventas
  • Jan Anders Mathisen, Silica/Xilinx
  • Jim Tørresen, Universitetet i Oslo
  • Per Gunnar Kjeldsberg, NTNU

Administration/accounting: Department of Informatics, University of Oslo




You can reach us at contact@fpga-forum.no for any question or interest in FPGA-forum – Program, CFP, Submissions, Exhibition, etc.


The FPGA-forum conference is mixed language, with some presentations in Norwegian and some in English. See the program for more info here.

The FPGA-forum web-site is in English as we want all the information to be available for all interested parties – without the extra overhead of language duplication.


Some photos:  www.fpga-forum.no/photos/


Previous programs:

FPGA-forum 2019

FPGA-forum 2018

FPGA-forum 2017

FPGA-forum 2016

FPGA-forum 2015

FPGA-forum 2014

FPGA-forum 2013

FPGA-forum 2012

FPGA-forum 2011

FPGA-forum 2010

(There was no FPGA-forum 2009 due to shift in dates from October to February)

FPGA-forum 2008

FPGA-forum 2007

FPGA-forum 2006

FPGA-forum 2005