FPGA-forum is a yearly event for the Norwegian FPGA community.
It is organized by the following committee:

  • Arild Kjerstad, Kongsberg
  • Espen Tallaksen, Bitvis
  • Hans Jørgen Fosse, Mikrokrets
  • Jan Anders Mathisen, Silica/Xilinx
  • Jim Tørresen, Universitetet i Oslo
  • Per Gunnar Kjeldsberg, NTNU


You can reach us at contact@fpga-forum.no for any question or interest in FPGA-forum – Program, CFP, Submissions, Exhibition, etc.


The FPGA-forum conference is mixed language, with some presentations in Norwegian and some in English. See the program for more info here. (The program is normally published some time in November)

The FPGA-forum web-site is in English as we want all the information to be available for all interested parties – without the extra overhead of language duplication.


Previous programs:

FPGA-forum 2016

FPGA-forum 2015

FPGA-forum 2014

FPGA-forum 2013

FPGA-forum 2012

FPGA-forum 2011

FPGA-forum 2010

(There was no FPGA-forum 2009 due to shift in dates from October to February)

FPGA-forum 2008

FPGA-forum 2007

FPGA-forum 2006

FPGA-forum 2005