Exciting Opening Keynote for FPGA-forum 2024

 FPGA-forum has succeeded in getting a very interesting opening keynote for FPGA.forum in February.  Michaela Blott is a senior Fellow at AMD and a major expert on FPGA and AI. This opening keynote will be of great interest to the FPGA community - and really anyone who finds embedded AI exciting. 

See article in Elektronikknett in Norwegian.

Opening Keynote:
Pervasive and Sustainable AI with Adaptive Computing

In the context of AI, we face a plethora of challenges that extend beyond the widely discussed performance scalability required to meet the growing demands of compute and storage in the latest models. These challenges encompass sustainability, pervasiveness, agility, and diversity, all of which are needed to cater to a constantly evolving range of applications and algorithms from endpoint to edge and cloud. In this talk, we explore how adaptive devices and agile compiler stacks can provide solutions by delivering post-production hardware specialization and co-designed algorithms. This results in highly optimized AI systems which not only provide the necessary performance scalability but also bring a reduction in carbon footprint while addressing the needs of a broad range of diverse applications with the necessary agility.

Michaela Blott - Ireland | Professional Profile | LinkedIn


Michaela Blott is a Senior Fellow at AMD Research. She heads a team of international scientists driving exciting research in computer architectures for AI, green AI and agile compiler stacks. She earned a PhD from Trinity College Dublin and her Master’s degree from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, and brings over 25 years of experience in leading-edge computer architecture and advanced FPGA and board design, in research institutions (ETH Zurich and Bell Labs) and development organizations. She is highly active in the research community as industrial advisor to numerous EU projects and research centres, serves on technical program committees, and received a number of Women in Tech Awards.